About Zen @ Work

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Zen @ Work applies the practices and principles of Zen Meditation to the modern predicament of working in the world, helping people align their energies with their livelihood.

Due to social and technological factors far beyond any individual’s control, most modern work environments place extraordinary demands on our attention, requiring constant vigilance, timely communications, rapid synthesizing of information, and a perceived need for accomplished multitasking. These external conditions unfortunately reinforce natural mental tendencies we all have toward distraction, overthinking and disproportionate threat assessment to produce snowball effects of stress and dysfunction.

Mindfulness practices help to build concentration which counteracts this process. They increase the capacities of our sensory-nervous systems, and with deepening practice can also establish clarity of judgement and purpose.

The basic process of Zen is to apply directed attention to certain aspects of one’s body or mind in an environment that supports inner and outer silence, stillness/slowness, and spaciousness. Zen at Work gives you the information, guidance, encouragement and advice on how to engage in this process effectively, and also runs Retreats in environments consciously designed to support the process. While mindfulness practices can be of value when performed in a corporate or office setting, they are dramatically more powerful when done outside the communication/stimulation field of the workplace.

More on the Benefits of Mindfulness

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