Executive Mentorship


My Executive & Entrepreneur Mentorship work focuses on Founders, Social Entrepreneurs, and Business Leaders interested in cultivating the core capacities that support clarity, integrity and balance. The work is also designed for individuals engaged in Caregiving and Mission-driven efforts who are dedicated to individual, collective and planetary healing as conscious livelihood.

The program is not traditional coaching, therapy or professional development, although it shares some aspects of those modalities.

Who is it For?

Zen at Work is for individuals who seek to deepen the sacred dimension of their lives in conjunction with their work-in-the-world. You discover the sacred dimension of your life through the practice of Presence (aka Mindfulness or Meditation). You discover the sacred dimension of your work-in-the-world through the practice of Purpose.

Questions and issues you may want help with include:

  • Lack of focus, clarity, inspiration or energy.

  • Excessive busy-ness, reactivity or lack of resiliency.

  • An unhealthy relationship with time, especially around your work.

  • A conflicted relationship with money, especially around your work.

  • A persistent sense of disharmony or discord in your mind, heart, or gut.

  • Challenges of leadership and decision-making.

  • Challenges in the “ecosystems” of your work-in-the-world (personal, local, global)

  • A feeling of “not living up to an unnamed potential”.

  • Conflict or discord between “job” and sacred work; or questions around purpose.

  • Questions around your sacred contracts, with Self, Other, and Work.

Zen Mentorship is a process of investigating the heart-mind (Xin) energies of each person such that questions and issues are satisfactorily resolved.

Each individual has their own needs with respect to the practices of Presence and Purpose. You may have some clarity on your sacred work, but need more guidance and support on meditation practices and principles. You may have a strong meditation practice, but need help exploring the sacred dimension of your work-in-the-world.

Or, like many of those I work with, you may need help with both. Together we identify the areas you feel called to explore and I focus my work with you accordingly.

What to Expect from the Practice of Presence

Over the course of your Mentorship, you will develop and strengthen a meditation practice that will shift your relationship to your own mind, body and potential. The potentials of meditative awareness are infinite, which is why dedicated practitioners engage their whole lives.

Each individual is unique, but specific milestones you may experience are:

  • More responsiveness and less reactivity/stress.

  • Clarity of judgment and discerning wisdom.

  • A healthier relationship with time.

  • Greater resiliency in yourself, your family and your teams.

  • Establishment of supportive boundaries (in your schedule and environment) for a dedicated practice.

  • The ability to meditate for longer periods and all conditions.

What to Expect from the Practice of Purpose

Over the course of your Mentorship, you will also develop and strengthen your relationship to your own life, as it manifests in your personal power and your sacred work-in-the-world. Specific milestones or effects you may experience include:

  • Resolution of a dilemma with respect to a career decision.

  • More harmonious functioning of your business or team.

  • Resolution of an important strategic decision in your work.

  • A deeper sense of purpose.

  • Greater resiliency and happiness.

  • Greater impacts on the world.

One-Month Free Trial

For those interested in exploring Zen at Work, I offer a one-month free trial, consisting of two individual sessions, and potentially one group session.

In the individual sessions, we will explore your current practices of Presence and Purpose (such as they may be), the current status (and level of consciousness!) of your three sacred contracts (with Self, Other and Work), and how the work might look for you.

Groups are formed as resonant cohorts join the work. You may be able to experience a group during your free trial if there is a timely opportunity.

If you are interested in continuing after the free trial month, I ask for a 3 or 6 month commitment for the next phase.

Three / Six Month Commitment

At the beginning of each Commitment Phase (3 or 6 months) we work together to outline your intentions and goals for the Phase. We outline goals and intentions separately for practice of Presence and Purpose. Although these are related, I have found it helpful to distinguish them consciously up front.

Some of your goals may be measurable and some not.  Oftentimes, the most important aspects of growth in these areas are not adequately captured by metrics or agendas. Nevertheless, practice in these areas works, and growth in Presence and Purpose is real and observable. I work with each individual to become conscious of intentions, articulate commitments and help you honor your accountability to yourself.

If you or your team are interested in exploring how the practice of Presence can shift your capacities, I invite you to check out my Coaching and Consulting services on these pages, and send me a note with the Form button below. I look forward to hearing from you.