Introduction to Zen @ Work

My free one-hour session is provided in-house, and covers core practices and principles, with short periods of instruction, information, experiential, and interactive. Booking now for Summer 2019. Contact me to schedule a date.

Zen for Work and Wellness

My 2-3 hour sessions on "Zen for Work and Wellness" presents the core practice and principles of Zen Mindfulness, including:

  • The physical and psychological habits that produce overactive minds;

  • Common myths about work;

  • The science, principles and benefits of meditation;

  • Practical experiential instruction; tools and tips for starting and maintaining a practice, individually or with a team.

Having co-founded two startups, served as an Executive, as well as personally managed hundreds of people in engineering and adjacent roles, my experiential presentations are geared toward the modern, technology-enabled workplace culture, with its specific assets and challenges.

Contact us now for a custom-designed presentation to your company, team or Startup.