What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a condition of attention in which both focus (single-pointed) and broad (field) awareness are consciously activated, yielding states of flow and creative integration. Mindfulness is challenged by inner and outer distractions and by the natural human tendencies to follow known mental and somatic pathways, aka habit or autopilot.

Since these distractions and tendencies are so pervasive and strong, it requires a discipline of practice to re-wire the sensory, nervous and cognitive systems to re-establish flow and creativity. Fortunately, the specific practices to accomplish this are very simple and available to all people, regardless of their psychological makeup or environmental conditions.

By directing the attention to specific mental and physical aspects of one’s current state (ideally performed in an environment supportive of quiet, space, and stillness) mindfulness practices cultivate a stronger “power of attention”, with many beneficial results.