One Day Retreats


Get off Campus. Disconnect from Busy-ness. Re-source from True Source.

Modern workspaces and hip offices don’t prevent burnout. Off-site collaboration is essential!

We work with executives, managers, team leads, and human resource professionals to customize a one-day retreat at Willow Farm which incorporates Zen @ Work material and practices along with your content and process.

This model provides an excellent framework for:

  • Executive or management retreats.

  • Visioning and brainstorming sessions.

  • Informal team-building.

  • Skills-building sessions.

  • Precursor meetings in advance of any ideation, brainstorming or creative sessions.

Short guided mindfulness periods generate group coherence, inspiration and de-stress. Creative collaboration thrives outside the corporate environment. Team-building sessions may take advantage of the excellent hiking and biking available directly from the Farm.

If you are a corporate consultant looking for a location and/or an impactful Mindfulness component to your workshops, contact us now to discuss collaborating.

Registration for Half-Day of Silence Retreats at Willow Farm Contemplative Center outside Boulder is now open!