Zen at Work


Zen at Work applies the practices and principles of Zen Meditation to the modern predicament of working in the world, helping people align their energies with their livelihood, in accord with their own inner wisdom.

Mindfulness practices help to build concentration and counteract our natural tendencies to distraction and overthinking. With deepening practice, we also establish clarity of judgement and purpose.

With two decades of executive experience in tech startups, I am especially sensitized to the stressors for founders and how an unhealthy relationship to one’s own fears and uncertainties can lead one astray. (I go into a little more detail on my path in my “manifesto”.)

If you or your team are interested in exploring how the practice of Presence can shift your capacities, I invite you to check out my Presentations, Workshops, Coaching and Consulting services on these pages, and send me a note with the Form button below. I look forward to hearing from you.