About the Retreat Leader

Paul Gyodo Agostinelli founded Zen at Work after three decades of Zen practice and a long professional career that has included serving as an Executive (CEO), project and product manager, team leader, product designer, and many other roles. Having co-founded two Startups, he has “worn many hats” simultaneously, and is intimately familiar with the accumulating daily stresses of balancing short term tasks with long term priorities, amid a constant stream of communications and information.

Throughout his decades-long professional career, he has maintained a dedicated meditation practice, leading daily practice sessions and monthly extended retreats. In the last two years he has led hundreds of people through thousands of retreat-hours at Willow Farm Contemplative Center, and other locations.

Based on this experience, he has carefully designed the schedule, practices and environment for the Half Day of Silence retreats for Professionals to be most relevant, powerful and accessible. The practices are simple but impactful. Time and space is given for “wandering” and restoration. The environment is created to magnify the power of silence, slowness, and natural space.